Terms & Conditions

Grooveline Party Bus Terms & Conditions

Our Right To End A Tour

We have the right to end a tour at any time whether it's for weather reasons, safety reasons or simply because a guest is not following our safety instructions. Should we end a tour because someone is jeopardizing their own safety or the safety of others, no refunds will be issued.

Cancellation Policy

All sales are final & non- refundable. If you need to cancel for any reason, a voucher will be provided to use at a later date. To receive the voucher, cancellations must be 21 days before your scheduled party. Vouchers can be transferable for up to 12 months. Vouchers expire after 18 months.


Each guest must sign our electronic waiver prior to boarding the bus. Anyone who has not signed the waiver will not be allowed to board until they have filled out and signed our electronic waiver. Do not sign for other people. A copy of the waiver is listed below for you to review. View Waiver.

Shared Rides

All shared rides for Grooveline Party Bus must meet a minimum of 10 passengers to roll out. If you book less than 10 passengers in your group and are the first booking for that slot, Grooveline will not confirm your booking until additional guests from other parties have joined the same time slot. You will then receive a confirmation when there are enough passengers. You will not be charged until the confirmation is sent. 

Private Party Bookings

Fridays and Saturdays are our most popular days of the week! Our Shared Tours book up pretty quick. We require all seats to be booked at once to make a Private Tour. Hence the higher rates. Plus come on, who doesn't want their own private VIP  party with their crew? 

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